Why We Started TheBjorndals.com Blog

Mar 21, 2019

[posted by: Hannah]    

First, the short answer: we started this blog because we wanted to make an impact. We desired to enhance the lives of others by advocating thoughtful financial decision-making strategies & simplified, minimalist living. Basically, we want to share our lives with you!

The Bjorndal Blog was created when our extroverted, budget-loving, adventure-seeking, minimalist-centered personalities felt that there was an overflow that needed to be shared. We really love our life. Like, really love it. We get excited when our ideas work, and we long to share it with the world. We see the ways our decisions have had HUGE long-term, positive effects on our lifestyle, and it’s too good not to share.

We’re certainly not saying that we’re perfect, or that our lives or all of our choices are perfect. However, we have found certain strategies in life that have led us to more easily pursue a lifestyle that has more room for the relationships and experiences we crave. We’ve made decisions, really big and really small, that have led us to living in a home we never dreamed we’d own, travel more than we thought imaginable, and thrive on a daily basis.

So, we invite you to be a part of our journey. We want you to contribute, to contradict and to ask questions. This is NOT a lecture, it’s a conversation. We’re so excited to hear what YOU think, how YOU live your life, and what is working for YOU. This is a place where new ideas and relationships are formed. We both have a passion for hosting, and the blog is us throwing the ultimate party!

Welcome to the Bjorndal Blog! Now LET’S PARTY!

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