Our Heart and Mission: Spend Less. Do More. Live Simply. | The WHY behind our tagline

Mar 27, 2019

posted by: Hannah

The Bjorndal Blog’s tagline, Spend Less. Do More. Live Simply.┬áreally sums up our heart & mission in a nutshell. By being wise about spending and living minimally, we can do more of what we truly love with the people who are most important to us.

It’s kind of funny that this tagline did not take hours or even minutes to think of. Previously, we envisioned our tagline would be stewardly and wholehearted living. But as I (Hannah) was building the site, the tagline felt like it was missing something. It was too vague and kind of missed the point. It felt more condemning and condescending than encouraging of the heart behind our thoughts & ideas. So I literally just typed out a quick filler text for the space, intending to come up with a better idea, and Spend Less. Do More. Live Simply. is what I wrote.

Honestly, I think fact that this came so easily made it an even easier decision to keep. This tagline felt so natural – like it had been waiting to be written. When Evan saw it, he said “did you come up with that?!” (Ahem, yes, thank you). He loved it and so did I, and so it stuck!

So what, specifically, does this tagline tell you about what we’ll be writing about?

SPEND LESS: We’re passionate about carefully planning your budget so you can maximize your dollar for the things that matter most. We’re excited to share how we put together our own budget and why we do it the way we do. We’re also excited to share ways we strategically spend less, including a number of places we save money that most Millennials don’t think of!

DO MORE: We absolutely love our little Ballston neighborhood in Arlington, VA, and we’ve found that adventure and community can be found everywhere. While we’re pretty biased, we think we’ve found a ton of fun and unique things to do in Arlington and the greater D.C. region, and we’ll be sharing all of our favorite things with you!

LIVE SIMPLY: We firmly believe that less is more. From the clothing in our closet to the chemicals in our cleaning products, we’re striving to live more simply each day. Hannah started her journey to be a Minimalist in 2014, and while we’re still far from being total Minimalists, we’ve learned a lot about it along the way. We invite you to join our journey and learn all of the things, big and little, we’re doing to live a more simplistic life!

Seriously, we’re thrilled that you’re joining us and becoming a part of our community. We want to hear all your thoughts, ideas, and stories! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!

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