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Apr 30, 2019

[posted by: Evan]   

This makes the shoe game look like it belongs at an infant’s birthday party. This month for date night we were going out and it was my turn to plan!

I decided to plan Designated Date NightTM over lunch at work and developed a ten question quiz (see below) that Hannah and I would take once the date started. Once we took the quiz, the theme of the night was not only how well you knew the other person, but making decisions about the evening with the other person’s interest first! The idea boiled down to a few easy steps:

1. You both take the quiz (don’t share your answers).
2. One at a time, you must guess what the other person wrote in as their answer.
3. Tally the correct guesses. Each correct guess gives you one “veto” throughout the night.
4. Every decision from this point on is made for each other (everything from the outfits you wear out to the food you pick on the menu)

 The goal is to try and make decisions as the other person would #knowyaboo

This date is ideal for couples that know each other pretty well. When we played, I think Hannah and I earned four vetos each. I used one on on clothes because I wasn’t thrilled with a combo she put together (eye roll permitted). Hannah actually kept each veto all night; finally proving I am the winner of our marriage.

Aside from making a game out of things, I really loved that this made us rehearse making choices for each other with their best in mind. It was also just hilarious to stand in front of Hannah’s closet, knowing what outfits she wears all the time, and still feel like I have no idea how to put her clothes together into an ensemble (is that the right word?). Give this a try when you feel the need to mix things up, if you’re feeling competitive, or if you are subliminally trying to get your significant other to dress differently. Either way, everyone wins!

remember to answer for yourself 

1. If you could move to any non-coastal US state (excluding current residence and location of family) where would it be?
2. What was your favorite year of school (K-12)?
3. What color do you look best in?
4. What is the youngest age you could pass for? (+/- 1 year accepted)
5. What famous person do you most want to meet?
6. How many times can you wear a sweatshirt before it must be washed?
7. The most important ingredient in cooking is ______.
8. Rank the following in order of greatness: Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars
9. What is your cell phone number?
10. What was the last company/place you wrote an online review for?

Feel free to create your own questions, too!

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