Bob Barker’s Dream Date Night | Designated Date Night

May 31, 2019

Much like how we all feel about The Jonas Brothers (YAS) getting back together (double YASSS), I think we can all agree the best part of being sick as a kid is was that you got to sit on the couch and promptly at 11:00 AM, watch The Price is Right (TPIR). The basic principles of this date night glean from TPIR game: Cliff Hanger. 

Side note: This is a great date night idea if it’s raining out there!

Step 1: Get yourself and your boo over to the mall. We went to Tyson’s though i think we would award bonus points if you went to the galleria mall. 

Step 1a: Grab your favorite food court delicacy. For me, it’s my favorite local pizza place, Sbarro! 

Step 2: Shop around together and designate one person as the shopper and one as the guesser. Walk through the stores you would normally buy something in. 

Step 3: Once you settle on a store, the guesser gets to pick up one item as a reference for the general prices of the store. Then, the shopper picks out an item they would buy for themselves and the guesser tries to guess the price! Take note of how far off the price the guesser was. 

Step 4: Repeat step 3 two more times and then switch to have the other person guess for three items. Be sure to write down how many dollars off the price tag the guesser is each time!

Step 5: Add up how far off each person’s three guesses were and see who was closer! The winner’s prize is that they can go buy something that caught their eye! Because we budget about $40-50 per date night, we allowed the winner’s item to be in the $20-30 range. 

How’d it go? 

Hannah crushed me at this game… I even picked out really expensive suits and she was within $10 on average. In the end, after Hannah was declared the victor, she decided she hadn’t seen anything she was dying to get so we ended up going home without any new stuff. 

This is an awesome date night because everyone loves guessing how much stuff costs. It’s also a super casual game which makes it great for first dates or …. last dates?… what I’m trying to say is, it works if you’ve been together for a while too. 

For reference, Hannah totaled $25 off of the tag price after guessing three items! Can you beat her score? Sadly, I could not.

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