Jeopardy + Progressive Dinner = Bjorndal Date Night

Jul 13, 2019

Maybe it’s a cliche to say that Jeopardy is the most romantic game show, but it’s just so true!!! If you haven’t completed a Bjorndal date night, this is a great place to start! All you need is Netflix, your TV remote, and some way to keep score!

The look of romantic anticipation AKA ready to answer the next question.

Thanks to Netflix, we now have Jeopardy on demand which makes it even easier to watch episodes alone and then impress all your friends when you know things like where Helen of Troy is from (spoiler: Troy). So just pop that TV on, search for Jeopardy and get ready for a Bjorndal Date Night! (Cue Bjorndal Date Night intro theme song, imagine Family Matters)

  1. Pick a Jeopardy episode from the mix. We picked the College Student series because we thought it might be a little easier!
  2. The game is you VS the worst player and the stakes are your dinner! All you have to do is get a better score than the worst of the three Jeopardy players and you could win a four course meal! 
  3. So the way it works is to hit play and listen to the first question (answer). Then hit pause! Before someone on the show guesses, you and Bae get to decide if you want to guess. If you do guess, settle on your answer and then hit play! If you don’t guess, nothing happens to your score. Keep score like you were a contestant on the show. 
  4. At the end of the first round, if you have a better score than the worst player, you get to pick one course of dinner as your prize: Appetizer, Main Course, Drinks, Dessert. (Forget salad). If you beat the best player score, you get to pick two courses!
  5. Repeat the same thing for the Double Jeopardy round to win more courses of dinner! 
  6. Taking part in Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy are also optional if you want to score extra points!
  7. Once you know what courses of dinner you won, it’s time to go out! We put another twist on this by having all of our courses at different locations! We won all four courses and enjoyed chips and queso at District Taco, a margarita at Taqueria el Poblano, a shared Wrong Doug at Moe’s Southwest Grille, and milkshakes at Red Robin! 

We had such fun with this game and it was surprisingly easier when you could pause the show and think through an answer! Enjoy being as intense with Jeopardy as you want to be and as always, enjoy the condescending banter from Alex Trebek. 

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