Want to do something different tonight in North Arlington? Here are 3 Unique, Fun, and Totally Millennial Options!

May 14, 2020

[posted by: Evan]    

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Hannah and I love new experiences out in Arlington! Are you looking for a spot to hang out and do more than just slide food down your gullet? Then we’ve got a list for you!

It can be tough to come up with fun things to do in the winter when it’s tougher to go outside and thankfully we’ve found a number of really fun and different places to go out as a group or on a date to mix things up!

No. 1. Trivia at O’Sullivans or Crafthouse

Trivia was invented by the Greeks when Giannis was reigning as Emperor and we’ve been playing as a species ever since. FALSE. See? Trivia can be fun! But really, Trivia night with friends was a Monday night ritual for Hannah and I the year we were engaged. Trivia at O’Sullivans has four different categories of questions. Since this is DC, that means you can show you’re an expert at four different things! The first round is a catch all round, the second is music, the third is movies, and the fourth is another catch all. This was always a great activity to passively take part in as we hung out with friends together and ate the delicious pub food at O’Sullivans. Though we haven’t been, we know that Crafthouse also has a great Triv night if you’re in the Ballston neighborhood. Though you may lose every week to a team called Ragedy Edge, trivia is a great time for all.

No. 2. The Boardroom

On a recent Friday date night, Hannah and I ventured over to Clarendon to check out The Boardroom. It is a brew pub which has the “Library of Congress” of board games that you can rent for $2. All the seating is first come first served and the vibe is incredibly fun and friendly. First, their beer is fantastic and they have a bacon cheesy flatbread that will make you shout “Yahtzee”! The space is well equipped for bigger groups and there were some young families in there too playing UNO. Hannah and I played Stratego which Hannah said is universally known as a romantic game. After I had killed her last soldier and “captured her flag”, we headed home planning what friends we could take back to this Arlington gem!

No. 3. Punchbowl Social

This puppy is hot off the press. In the new Ballston Quarter, Punch Bowl occupies a multi level space which seems never ending. It’s just like Carpool for anyone who has been in Arlington for more than 2 years. Punch Bowl had tons of bar space, excellent nachos, darts, three bowling lanes, shuffleboard, ping pong, and enough seating that you can likely find a table, even late. Many people gripe that Arlington doesn’t have many places that aren’t bougie that you can just hang out at. Good news and Bad news, this has exactly the frills you want and none that you don’t. Your small town bar can’t compare with the amenities or selection of Punch Bowl but it hits the same vibe that feels really easy to come back to and make a habit for your friend group. I love that you can order less expensive cans or draft beers and that the appetizers aren’t Ancient Acaii grain smoothies. Way to go Punch Bowl for nailing the right vibe out of the gate!

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