I am the youngest of four kids in a family where I could set my watch to the once-a-month sit-down my parents had budgeting together. My dad inspired my interest in construction with renovation projects around the house and my mom instilled manners and habits which I think Hannah appreciates more than I do.

I am a full time mechanical engineer in commercial building design and equally love growing relationships with my clients and solving engineering problems. I firmly believe that dessert is the main course of a meal and my favorite food is something new I’ve never tried before. I am a ENFJ on the Myers Briggs & 9w1 on the Enneagram.

hey there, i'm evan

I am a small-town Pennsylvania girl turned city-lover. I was raised by amazing parents who believed that every penny should be accounted for and that budgeting carefully allows you to live life to the fullest. Five years ago, I decided to quit shopping to make more room in my life for relationships & experiences and have never looked back!

I’m a creative entrepreneur and spend my weekends photographing the most beautiful weddings and the most wonderful people. I’m equally left and right-brained, a hardcore foodie, a summer-obsessed traveler, an ENTP on the Myers Briggs & 3w2 on the Enneagram.

and i'm hannah!

Hannah and I met our last semester of college. We ran into each other a few times around campus, and I tried very hard to make Hannah laugh. In the process, I discovered that Hannah was hilarious and I was determined to continue running into her. I finally had my chance to woo her at the antithesis of prestigious events, The Mr. Engineer Pageant, which led to our first date. I had (successfully) nominated myself for the pageant, and Hannah had been roped into being the MC. We entered dress rehearsal with little to no expectations and ended up talking to one another for the entire three hour event. Upon my completing the talent portion of the rehearsal (an interpretive dance to a Taylor Swift song, obviously), the timing felt right, and I asked Hannah to go out with me after the show that night. She obliged, and after winning the title of Mr. Engineer, I took Hannah out to Primanti's for a late dinner. It's still crazy to think of, but during our date, we both had the feeling that we were on a first date with the person we were going to marry. And while we certainly did NOT share that with each other at the moment, we were right!

During that first date, we realized that we would both be moving to Washington, D.C. in the fall, and everything else seemed to fall into place. We got married in 2015 and have been living in Arlington, VA ever since. We've traveled all around the U.S. (and world!), gone on hundreds and hundreds of walks, tried every new food we could find, Marie Kondo'd our home, geeked out over budgeting monthly, experienced triumphs and losses, and even bought our first home (AKA Bjorndalton Abbey) in 2018. We love adventuring together and are so very thankful that we found each other.


(told from Evan's perspective)



We love to travel, and we love to go on long walks. When we go somewhere new, we'll likely by on our feet for the majority of the trip. Fueled by local desserts, it's not unusual for us to walk 9 or 10 miles in a day because we want to see it all!

Exploring a new city on foot

Some of our first dates included homemade Olympics and choosing outfits for each other at Goodwill. Being creative with our date nights is something in which we take great pride. Follow along with our date night blog series if you're interested in hearing some of the deets of our recent adventures!

Planning unconventional date nights

It's not uncommon for one of us to invite the other to come and "pontificate" together (Google it). That's kind of a joke, but also, we really love dreaming up our next goal or adventure and then talking it out over a glass of wine or brownie sundae. 

Dreaming & Planning 

While D.C. and Arlington are super transient, we've made it a priority to form meaningful relationships. We love welcoming newcomers and also spending regular time with our closest friends. We were inspired to create this site so we could continue to grow our community!

Embracing community


not sure where to go next?